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Benin DXpedition March 2006 : The Team

Tom GM4FDM is an experienced operator, who took part in several DXpeditions and who is often active in major SSB and RTTY contests.

He operated from many DX countries including: 3D2F, 9H, OY, T30, T33, V2, ZB2. His preferred mode is RTTY, but he also operates SSB.

Tom is a member of RSGB, the GMDX Group, NCDXF, EUDXF.

Ronald PA3EWP is an experienced operator, licensed since 1982. He took part in several DXpeditions and he's often active in major contests (sometimes from PI4COM).

He operated from many countries, including: 3D2F, 6Y, 8P, 8Q, 9Y4, FG, FM, FS, GM, HB0, J3, J6, J7, J8, OY, PJ7, PZ, T30, T33, TI9, V2, V4, VP2E, VP2M, VP5, ZB2, ZF. His preferred mode is SSB, but he operates all modes.

Ronald is a member of VERON, ARRL, EUDXF and the LLDXT group. He's also the President of PI4COM contest club.

Ronald PA3EWP

Andrea IK1PMR
Andrea IK1PMR is an experienced operator, licensed since 1990, who already participated in the organization, operation and reporting of several international DXpeditions.

He has operated from: 3D2, 6O, 9H, EA8, FO/M, SP, SV5, T30, T33. His preferred mode is CW, but he operates all modes.

Andrea is a member of ARI, ARRL and NCDXF.

Claudia K2LEO was licensed in 2003. She already joined several DXpeditions, including "Banaba 2004" where she was the first YL to operate from T33.

She has operated from: 3D2, 9H, SP, SV5, T33. Her preferred mode is RTTY.

Claudia is a member of ARI and an Extra class ARRL/VE.

Claudia K2LEO