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Benin DXpedition March 2006 : Latest News

Back home

April 1: we are all back home, safe and with all equipment. We logged about 24k QSOs on 160m-10m (65% CW, 13% RTTY, 22% SSB).

Before departure

13-Mar-2006: Everything is fine, we're ready to go in 48 hours. The team will assemble in Paris on 15-Mar-2006 12:30 local time. We should land in Benin 20:00 local time (19z). Operations expected to start March 16 afternoon UTC.

We now plan to bring a beam antenna and two amps, monobanders for 160m, 80m, 40m, 30m and three complete HF stations.


03-March-2006: Licenses have been issued and we have a copy in our hands. Callsigns are: TY4TW, TY5LEO, TY5MR, TY5WP. You can see the TY5MR license.

SpiderBeam and more power

Thanks to the generosity of Con DF4SA, we'll bring a SpiderBeam wire beam antenna for 20-17-15-12-10m too! This is a robust and very lightweight beam by SpiderBeam.

We also decided to bring two amplifiers: an Acom 1000 (1kW) and an HLA-300V (300w).

Software: CW and propagation

Many thanks to Ron K5DJ who sponsored a license renewal for the excellent logging/contest software Writelog and to Jim KU5S who sponsored a license for the great propagation prediction software WinCAP Wizard. We don't forget that DX-peditioning is not just RF!

Many thanks to Alex VE3NEA also for developing the excellent ham software DX Atlas, Ham CAP (propagation prediction) and Morse Runner (CW pileup simulator). Yes, we're using Morse Runner to exercise before expeditions and we hope to work you all.