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What does it mean a US amateur radio license ? For an introduction to amateur radio in the USA, have a look to this web site:
All tests are in english language ? Yes, of course, tests are exactly the same as the ones administered by ARRL/VEC in the USA.
How many errors are tolerated in the written tests ? For Technician and General class: maximum 9 errors for 35 questions; for Extra class tests: max 13 errors for 50 questions.
Where can I find books to study for the tests ? Books and other study material is available from ARRL on their web site:
How can I check if I'm ready for the tests ? You can check your knowledge with an online simulation of the tests on the web site:
Can I use my US callsign in other countries (in Italy, for example) ? The question is complex and the answer depends on several factors. You can read the letter received by IZ2FME/KD7YNT: here.
Can I take the tests for a US amateur radio license if I do NOT have any amateur license in my own country ? Yes, you can, and in most cases you can also convert the US amateur radio license to other countries' licenses. This happens in Italy, for example.
E' possibile convertire la licenza USA in una licenza tedesca (DL) ?

Si', in Germania possano "convertire" la licenza Extra o General con un costo di 200 Euro. Vedere il sito del "bundesnetzagentur" dove si trova la modulistica (bilingue) in formato pdf.

Die Extra und General Lizenzen können auf deutsche Zulassungen umgeschrieben werden, auch wenn du als Deutsche/-r noch nie in den Staaten gewohnt hast. Generals bekommen eine deutsche "E" Zulassung, Extras die "A" Zulassung. Siehe: zum Ausfüllen des Formulars. Die Kosten betragen 200 Euro.

The Extra and General FCC licenses can be issued (Umgeschrieben) German licenses, even if you have never lived in the U.S. Generals will be issued the German "E" license, Extras the "A" license. See: for the form to complete. The cost is 200 Euros. [TNX IZ1MGH e DJ0QN]

For a complete information about US callsigns, you can read this: Callsign Questions by W5YI

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