HST 2014: IARU High Speed Telegraphy, Montenegro

HST means High Speed Telegraphy. It is a competition organised by IARU.

HST 2014 Results (pdf)
Past events: HST 2013 has been held in Borovetz (Bulgaria).

Some photos from HST 2014 - High Speed Telegraphy Championship 2014 in Bar, Montenegro (12-16 September 2014).

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Claudia PA3LEO
Claudia PA3LEO
Claudia PA3LEO,Piero I2RTF
Claudia PA3LEO and Piero I2RTF eating Swiss chocolate
Franco HB9EDG,Andrea IK1PMR,Fulvio HB9DHG,Claudia PA3LEO
Franco HB9EDG, Andrea IK1PMR, Fulvio HB9DHG and Claudia PA3LEO

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