T33MR: Banaba Island

IK1PMR operated from Banaba as member of the T33C DX-pedition.
The official web site for T33C is here.
I was also active as T33MR; QSL via IK1PMR.

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QSL cards for T33MR are now ready; QSL via IK1PMR.

In the following pictures, date/time is local time (Fiji/Kiribati: UTC+12, Korea: UTC+9).

04-04 06:19
Andrea IK1PMR operating as T30C/MM from the ship to Banaba Island
04-04 08:11
Arriving on Banaba Island
04-05 07:53
Andrea IK1PMR on the first day of operations from Banaba as T33C
04-07 10:46
IK1PMR walking around under the sun of Banaba
04-14 18:12
Taking part on a Banaba party!
04-16 18:11
Ready to leave Banaba island; the ship waiting offshore
04-16 18:18
Andrea IK1PMR and the T33C label left on Banaba

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